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Transparent Training Bra Black


Are you searching for a bra that seamlessly combines style, comfort, and functionality? Look no further than the Transparent Training Bra. Our wireless wonder remains discreet under any attire, ensuring you stay flawlessly poised, all while delivering unparalleled comfort throughout the day. It’s the bra you’ve been seeking. Don’t wait any longer; own it now and satisfy all your needs.

Ultimate Comfort: Experience all-day comfort with our wireless design and soft, elastic material. This bra is not only perfect for daily wear but also cozy enough to sleep in. Bid farewell to discomfort!

Invisible Elegance: Achieve a seamless look under any outfit. Our bra conforms to your body, remaining invisible even under your favorite cocktail dress. Plus, with removable pads, you have complete control over shaping and support.

Breathable Lightweight Fabric: Crafted with ultra-thin, breathable mesh, our bra ensures you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. No more worries about fabric rubbing or digging into your skin, thanks to the lightweight and breathable material.

Versatile Support: Whether you’re small or large-chested, our bra offers exceptional support. The seamless design is stretchable and molds to your natural shape, reducing stress on your back and shoulders.

No-Seam, No-Wire Freedom: Enjoy a full range of motion during daily activities, thanks to the wire-free and seam-free design. You won’t feel restricted, allowing you to go about your day with ease.

Easy Care: Maintain the bra’s elasticity and keep it looking new by washing it by hand with cold water and gentle detergent. The lightweight fabric dries quickly, ensuring it’s ready to wear in no time.

The Transparent Training Bra isn’t just a bra; it’s your daily companion for confidence, comfort, and style. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your wardrobe and experience the difference. Make it yours today!”


M-32 ABCD/ <50KG, L-34 ABCD/ 50-60KG, XL-36 ABCD/ 60-70KG, 2XL-38 ABCD/ 70-80KG, 3XL-40 ABCD/ 80-90KG, 4XL-42 ABCD/ 90-100KG, 5XL-44 ABCD/ 100-120KG


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